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Inart Services

Services for private individuals, companies and the public

INART is capable of providing  a wide range of services for private clients, companies  and public entities.  Our knowhow, along with our interdisciplinary approach, allows us to offertargeted services according to the varying needs of each commission.

  •  Design and  construction  supervision: architectural, structural and plant engineering-New buildings- Reconstruction- "House plan" extensions- Infrastructure
  • Project verification  activities for projects up to € 20.000.000 (in possession of the  requirements  set out in Art. 26, Paragraph 6b of Legislative Decree 50/2016)
  • Interior design
  • Real estate consultancy  for  the management and valuation of building heritage
  •  Energy requalification of  buildings: energy performance certificates (A.P.E.), energy audits and  technical reports on energy consumption containment (Law 10/91)
  • Safety coordination in  the  design and execution phase (Legislative Decree no. 81/08)
  • Cadastral practices: types  of updating,  stacking and variations
  • Asset services:  declarations of succession, estimates of value and damages, and assistance for  deeds
  • Topography: surveys with  optical instrumentation and GPS
  • Fire regulations: consultancy,  design and construction supervision
  • Acoustics: analysis, design  and  testing
  • Other services: technical  consultancy, requests for contributions and deductions, geological and  geotechnical surveys and estimations, avalanche interference estimation,  condominium regulations and calculation of millesimal quotas.


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Certificazioni energetiche - APE

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