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Services for private individuals, companies and the pubblic

INART is capable of providinga wide range of services for private clients, companies and public entities.Our knowhow, along with our interdisciplinary approach, allows us to offertargeted services according to the varying needs of each commission.

• Design and constructionsupervision: architectural, structural and plant engineering-New buildings- Reconstruction- "House plan"extensions- Infrastructure

• Project verificationactivities for projects up to €20,000,000 (in possession of the requirementsset out in Art. 26,Paragraph 6b of Legislative Decree 50/2016)

• Interior design

• Real estate consultancy forthe management and valuation of building heritage

• Energy requalification ofbuildings: energy performance certificates (A.P.E.), energy audits andtechnical reports on energy consumption containment (Law 10/91)

• Safety coordination in thedesign and execution phase (Legislative Decree no. 81/08)

• Cadastral practices: typesof updating, stacking and variations

• Asset services:declarations of succession, estimates of value and damages, and assistance fordeeds

• Topography: surveys withoptical instrumentation and GPS

• Fire regulations: consultancy,design and construction supervision

• Acoustics: analysis, designand testing

• Other services: technicalconsultancy, requests for contributions and deductions, geological andgeotechnical surveys and estimations, avalanche interference estimation,condominium regulations and calculation of millesimal quotas.

Our innovative services and the FileMaker platform

Thanks to the skills andconstant training of its professionals, INART Studio is able to provideinnovative services that are ever closer to the changing needs of our publicand private clients. At the base of our innovative services, new technologiesare used that allow multiple and practical uses for the end customer.FileMaker Pro is across-platform database developed by FileMaker Inc., known as a database thatcombines power and ease of use. It is capable of transforming any operationalrequirement, quickly and with great flexibility, into a solution.This platform has managed theentire production cycle of our studio for twenty years. The use of the platform,along with our architectural and engineering skills, enable us to provide usefuland updatable services in a timely manner.In May 2016 our partner surveyorPaolo Fornelli passed the exam to obtain the qualification of ‘FileMaker 14Certified developer’, becoming one of the few certified FileMaker developers inItaly.

Water supply and sewerage network mapping

Fast mapping service thatincludes onsite surveys, rationalisation, consolidation of existingdocumentation, production of graphic designs and a database for easy andefficient management of the surveyed elements. This service has shown over theyears that it is possible to obtain detailed and high-quality mapping bylimiting itself to the detection of wells and the consolidation of existingdocumentation, avoiding in many cases the use of much more expensive detectiontechnologies. Water supply, sewage or other systems can be included within thiscategory.Basic service for publicadministration, but also for private individuals who have to manage complexwater supply or sewage networks. INART Studio has developed a database with theability to record all the water or sewage networks present in the territory.Wells, shutters, control rooms, as well as pipes in the area, are surveyed andgeo-located. This tool allows the saving of considerable resources, thanks tothe possibility of planning ordinary maintenance interventions, as well as of actingquickly and punctually in emergencies. It is important to note that all thechanges made over the years can be immediately registered, allowing thedatabase to be constantly updated and enabling the printing of the latest paperversions whenever necessary.

Property Mapping (Visual Boundary Mapping)

INART Studio, with the helpof various integrated technologies, is able to provide a visual map of theproperty boundaries that is inserted under the aerial view layer(photographs).Thusthe customer has an immediate understanding of the location, a view of their propertyon it and a confirmation of the actual situation. It is also an important toolfor assessing the impact of future works or environmental modifications.The client may request theland map either on paper or in electronic format (through a navigable 3D model)using Google Earth software.In addition to the cadastralboundaries, it is possible to insert other types of maps and information on thephotorealistic model, such as the zoning of a municipal master plan, the pathof a plant network, or areas within which landslide, avalanche or flood zoning couldbe placed. This is a very effective toolfor evaluating buffer zone and areas of influence.

Mapping and computerised management of the street map and house numbering

This service includes the surveyof the current state, the unification and revision of existing documentationand the production of new material.The service is designed tomeet the needs of municipal administrations, both for ordinary management(replacement of plates, etc.) and for projects such as road toponomy and housenumbers.In addition to theplanimetric representation, we provide a specially developed database that canmanage nomenclature, identifiers, house numbers, and any other required element.Each relevant element (for example each house number) is accompanied bydetailed information on positioning and current state, photographs, coordinatesand connection to cadastral data.The program functions includefilters, searches (including by radius, starting from a given point), reportsand statistics, as well as print and export outputs in a range of formats.

Road signage mapping

Mapping services of roadsigns for public or private parties that are affected by the procedures ofthird-party entities who manage the road network. Recognition of roadpanels/signs, acquisition of the relative photographic documentation and returnto a database with the technical information relating to each plant (authorisationnumber and deadlines, documentation relating to the plant itself). The service issuitable for rational planning of maintenance and for handling authorisationprocedures.


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